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I have been writing pieces of short stories and flash fiction for months now. On this page you will find: stories that can only come from dreams, stories about cyborgs, and Golden Paper Airplanes. I have worked hard on these stories, so please don't steal.

Story descriptions:

Golden Paper Airplanes (Title story.): This story is about what would happen if I could fold golden paper airplanes and let them fly into space.

Banana Streams: I went on an exploration trip and discovered the legendary banana streams in the Amazon.

A Letter From the Cyborg War: This is the first letter from a cyborg war in the future.

Another Letter From the Cyborg War: The sequel to "A Letter From the Cyborg War."

Black and White: We view the world in black and white, so i tried to add some color.

She Gave Me Her Heart:  This girl that I was in love with, gave me here heart. So I decided to give her mine

Doris: This is my first short story. It is about an A.I. that almost turns on its creator.

Chatbot: The sequel to Doris. A chat bot falls in love with doris, then she dies.

Anyone There?: I wrote this story as a message that someone is always there to listen to you.

Fiery Sunset: what if the earth was set on fire by the sunste?

Kite Flying: I use Kites as my ride to outer space.

Citrus Racing: A very short piece of fiction that will literally take a few seconds to read. Its about a tradition in a small town.

The Blank Space: This story is about me and a friend try to fill the blank space between us.

The Colors of Spring: This is a reset for an old one that i wrote a while ago. In this story, the colors of spring colors the world

july 4th, Independece Day: This one was written alittle late.  I didnt have alot of time to write it.

unforgiven on the edge of the stars: This story starts out like a thought, but it quickly goes back to when my date got left on the stars.

Dakota: This story is a really sad one about a dog that loses his master to suicide. This story is probably not for the faint of heart. I really hope people are reading the stories I write, instead of just looking at the covers.

About me:

My name is D. Wagner. I am currently a student working towards becoming an english major and a journalist. I started writing and sharing what i wrote on deviantart a few months ago. I recently stopped writing to focus on school, but I am back with more stories and re-releases of previous stories.

Deviantart: http://generalbenkacomix.devia...

Best of luck,

D. Wagner

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Published 130 days ago
TagsAbstract, collection, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Surreal


Banana Streams.pdf (221 kB)
Golden Paper Airplanes.pdf (335 kB)
a letter from the cyborg war..pdf (102 kB)
Another Letter From The Cyborg War.pdf (169 kB)
She Gave Me Her Heart.pdf (287 kB)
Doris full story.pdf (317 kB)
Chat Bot title story.pdf (272 kB)
Black And White.pdf (94 kB)
Anyone There.pdf (189 kB)
Fiery Sunsets.pdf (110 kB)
kite flying.pdf (38 kB)
citrus racing.pdf (39 kB)
The Blank Space.pdf (30 kB)
The Colors of Spring.pdf (91 kB)
july 4th independence day.pdf (41 kB)
Unforgiven on the edge of the stars .pdf (40 kB)
dakota.pdf (57 kB)

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